STEM self-evaluation and improvement framework
For early learning and childcare, ASN, primary and secondary schools

This self-evaluation and improvement framework can be used to stimulate dialogue and action towards a whole setting approach to sciences, technologies, engineering and mathematics (STEM). It can serve as a helpful guide or route map for early learning and childcare (ELC) establishments, primary, additional support needs (ASN) and secondary schools looking to evaluate and improve their approach to STEM using the quality indicators within How good is our school? (Fourth edition) (HGIOS4?) and How good is our early learning and childcare? (HGIOELC?). The framework is also aligned with national priorities and policies including the STEM Education and Training Strategy for Scotland, Developing the Young Workforce and the Scottish Attainment Challenge.

STEM SE Framework

This STEM self-evaluation and improvement framework is intended to act as a complementary resource to HGIOS4? and HGIOELC? It has been designed to support professional dialogue, evaluation and improvement in relation to STEM. Education Scotland has worked in partnership with over fifty ELC settings and schools over a three-year period to develop this STEM framework. There is no obligation to use this framework – it is offered as a helpful guide to settings that are looking to move forward on their STEM journey.

The following are examples of resources available on the Improvement Hub:

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