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‘Cluichidh sinn Còmhla’

Goireas ùr bho luchd-obrach Chomhairle na Gàidhealtachd a tha a’ neartachadh chothroman dha pàrantan Gàidhlig a chleachdadh le clann òga.

Chaidh an goireas seo a dhealbhachadh agus a chruthachadh le feallsanachd bogadh sa Ghàidhlig mar bhun-stèidh agus tha e air a cheangal ris na gnìomhan aig ‘Bumps 2 Bairns’.

Tha cothroman cànan a neartachadh air am fighe a-steach le ceanglaichean gu goireasan air-loidhne.  Bidh seo na ghoireas foir-sheallaidh do luchd-obrach ann an sgoiltean gus taic a thoirt dhan chloinn aig ìre làn-bhogaidh gus a’ Ghàidhlig aca a chuideachadh aig an taigh.

Thèid ‘Cluichidh sinn còmhla’ as ùr a chruthachadh gach seachdain agus a sgaoileadh timcheall sgoiltean far a bheilear a’ lìbhrigeadh foghlam sa Ghàidhlig.

 Tha clasrum Google an seo airson luchd-obrach far am bi na goireasan rim faighinn gach seachdain – 3lq5hry

‘Cluichidh sinn Còmhla’ is a new resource created in collaboration with Early Years Practitioners who are linking ‘Bumps to Bairns’ play based learning activities to language opportunities.

Within the resource, there are suggested links to creative language learning opportunities online and weekly Gàidhlig you tube content created specifically to support language development targets outlined within the overview.

The overview will be shared with Highland Council Gaelic Medium staff to enable them to enhance the online support available to families with children at the total immersion stage while learning at home.

A Google Classroom has been created where ‘Cluichidh sinn Còmhla’ will be updated weekly – 3lq5hry

Find some of the latest ideas below:

Cluichidh Sinn Comhla 1 An t-Earrach Spring

Cluichidh Sinn Comhla 1 Faireachdainnean – Feelings 1

Cluichidh sinn Comhla 2 Faireachdainnean – Feelings 2

Cluichidh Sinn Comhla 4 An t-Earrach Spring 2 

Cluichidh Sinn Comhla 5 Beathaichean 1

Cluichidh Sinn Comhla 6 Beathaichean 2

Cluichidh Sinn Comhla 7 An t-side 1

Cluichidh Sinn Comhla 8 An t-side 2

Cluichidh Sinn Comhla 9 Aodach_Clothes 1

Cluichidh Sinn Comhla 10 Aodach_Clothes 2  is also a useful website with links to support home learning and an online messenger service to answer any questions you may have about Gaelic language learning.

The National Improvement Hub provides a wealth of information to support practitioners working in Gaelic Medium settings.  Information can be found by searching for ‘Gaelic’ in the main search bar.

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Advice on Gaelic Education / Comhairle mu Fhoghlam Gàidhlig

Advice on Gaelic Education was produced by Education Scotland in February 2015.  The Advice provides important information on the national context, and describes best practice to support practitioners and education authorities in evaluating and planning for improvement in Gaelic Education. It is based on evidence from inspections, reviews and validated self- evaluation, covering all sectors of Gaelic Education; and other engagements with a wide range of stakeholders.

Settings can use Advice on Gaelic Eduaction as a self-evaluation resource to improve practice.

Advice on Gaelic Education

Comhairle mu Fhoghlam Gàidhlig