Childhood Practice Event

The first Childhood Practice event held at Inverness College, UHI will take place on Saturday 24th June 2017. The event is aimed at childhood practice students, childhood practitioners, managers, employers and other relevant stakeholders.

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This years’ event features keynote speaker Dr Alice Mongiello, BA (Hons) Childhood Practice Programme Leader. Alice’s presentation will focus on ways in which undertaking a Childhood Practice Degree has the potential to transform learners’ lives as well as have a positive impact on outcomes for children and families.

The conference also consists of workshops and stalls/exhibits.

Please select two workshops from the options available – one in each session. Details of the workshops can be found when registering for the event.

An array of stalls and exhibits will also be available such as, Jan Barclay – mindfulness with children, Chip +, Care and Learning Alliance, plus many more!

On successful completion of this event, attendees will be awarded a certificate, which will count towards Continuous Professional Development (CPD) evidence.

Click here for more information and booking details. 

‘Bioran’ le Julia Donaldson

Bidh DVD ‘Bioran’ a’ nochdadh ann an sgoiltean-àraich air feadh na Gàidhealtachd a dh’ aithghearr.

Tha ‘Bioran’ a’ leantainBioran.jpgn athair teaghlach de bhiorain, ‘s e a’ strì air turas thar mhìltean gus faighinn dhachaigh ann an àm airson na Nollaig.

Tha am Bioran a’ còmhnaidh ann an craoibh sa choille, le Bean Biorain a gràidh agus an triùir bhiorain chloinne. Ach ‘s e saoghal cunnartach a tha aig a’ Bhioran. Tha cù ag iarraidh cluich leis agus tha eala ag iarraidh nead a dhèanamh leis. Tha e fìù’s a’ tuiteam dhan teine! Leanaibh slighe riaslach a Bhiorain ‘s e a’ tilleadh gu craoibh an teaghlaich.


Developmental Overviews


A reminder that the  deadline for sending in the Developmental Overviews is the end of May 2017.B2B Link

Please check the following before sending (all of these have been issues in the past):

  • You are passing on to P1 teachers and sending in an up-to-date Overview.                 One completed in February will underestimate a child’s development!
  • That you are only sending Overviews for children in their pre-school year transitioning to Primary School.
  • That the sex of each child is clear – we analyse separately for boys and girls.
  • And mark whether the child is learning with English as Additional Language (EAL).
  • You are not sending in your only copy, but have one for the P1 teacher too.
  • That the copies are in colour so we can tell the difference between greens and yellows!
    • Incidentally, don’t worry about the differences between green and yellow – if in doubt, the item is not established, so use yellow.  Not both!

Copies should be sent to Emma Black, at Council HQ either:

By scanned email to

By post to Emma Black, Highland Council HQ, Glenurquhart Rd, Inverness IV3 5NX

Any other means that works for individual settings