Bookbug Session Leader Training

BookbugThrough our continued partnership with High Life Highland Libraries to support the development of Emerging Literacy, Highland Libraries are providing Bookbug Session Leader training for nurseries and schools who will lead Bookbug sessions with their children in nursery and primary 1, along with their families. The first round of sessions is now available to apply for through the CPD calendar and further opportunities will be added during the academic session.


The training is designed to support nurseries/schools with Emerging Literacy on their improvement planning through HGIOELC/ HGIOS4 2.5 – Family Learning.

Bookbug Session Leader Training

Bookbug sessions are designed to promote family learning and engagement with early literacy, language and communication. They are delivered to families and their children, supporting them to connect through books, songs, rhymes and games.

The Bookbug Session Leader Training is open to EYPs/ PSAs/ Class Teachers who will lead Bookbug sessions with families and their children. The Bookbug sessions are geared at children, up to and including Primary 1, and their families. The training equips participants with the knowledge and develops the skills to lead a Bookbug session. Following attending the Bookbug Session Leader Training, participants will set-up Bookbug sessions within their nursery/ school.

Due to availability within the training, there is only one place available per centre/school.

Updated Curriculum Overview and blank Observation Sheets for My Learning Journeys

MegaphonePlease note that the organisers in the Curriculum Overview (Overview of Experiences and Outcomes Addressed) and the Observation Sheets have been updated in line with Curriculum for Excellence.  Also note that Education Scotland has updated the Technologies Experiences and Outcomes.

Please feel free to personalise these e.g. remove the boxes etc. to suit your needs however, settings must not change any of the organisers. Included are versions for English Medium, Gaelic Medium and Roman Catholic settings.

Click on the links to access the new documents:

Curriculum Overview (Overview of Experiences and Outcomes Addressed)

Observation Sheets